Our products

LED products under the registered trademark IETC – are more than a thousand modification of lighting devices for indoor and outdoor lighting of public and administrative building, sports facilities, shopping complexes, industrial and street facilities. Own production makes it possible to implement even the most complex and seemingly impossible projects. All products have a certificate of conformity as well as a warranty of 5 years.

Energy saving systems

The IETC energy saving system allows you to change the heating voltage by the value of the programmable setting, that is “GUST =+/-13V+/-3D” depending on the input phase voltages. This makes it possible to achieve significant saving in electricity consumption at elevated supply network voltages. The use of the system allows you to increase the service life of electrical equipment due to the gentle mode of power supply to the consumer.

Energy manitoring system

Energy manitoring system IETC – universal system for collecting and processing data from metering devices, in which the user will be able to view and analyze incoming data in a convenient format. Our goal – combine things and devices into a single network, through which they will exchange data and help a person anywhere in the world.




installation works


Lighting control

About the company

Russian Production and Engineering Company LLC ( international brand “IETC” ) is engaged in desing, development and production of high-quality, energy-efficient, modern and affordable LED lamps.

The company is a member of the special economic zone of the regional level of technical and innovation type ” Lipetsk-Technoplus” a resident of MBU ” Technopark-Lipetsk” and a member of the Union ” Lipetsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry”. Our products are characterized by high light output, energy efficiency and reliability. In addition to mass production under the trademark “IETC” the company develops and manufactures lamps according to individual projects of large corporate and government customers. In 2018, the company successfully completed R&D and in 2019 received a patent for utility model № 191980, registration date August 29, 2019. The company is actively engaged in R&D in the development of new ideas in the field of energy efficiency.

The use of innovative technologies, constant dynamic development, allows our partners to significantly save electricity and guarantees uninterrupted operation of equipment. The company has a trademark certificate and an international certificate confirming the registration of the company’s trademark “IETC” in the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Lamp of our trademark can be seen at transport and industrial facilities, in shopping and entertainment complexes, in medical and education institutions, in factories and business centers. All the company’s products meet the high requirements of European legislation and undergo mandatory and voluntary certification in Russia.